About Tea Cookies

Tea cookies are a bot-managed channel point currency. Viewers will periodically earn 15 cookies just for hanging out, and you can get 100 cookies for chilling with us through a break. More uses and redeemable options will be added over time, possibly with in-game types of rewards.

You can use !cookies or !teacookies to check your current count.


Command About Cost Cooldown (Global | User)
!weapon Pick out which weapon I should use in Splatoon 2! See Weapons below for more info. 1500 tea cookies 15 min 15 min
!hydrate Take a sip of tea (or water, I probably already chugged the tea). 25 tea cookies 30 min 30 min
!stretch It's time to do some stretches! Join me for a short break. 100 tea cookies 15 min 15 min
!dragon Spawn some Ender Dragon noises and go in for the startle. 250 tea cookies 5 min 15 min
!goat Someone let a screaming goat in the chat. Who did it? 50 tea cookies 30 sec 5 min
!spook Play a random small spook sound. See if you can get me. 50 tea cookies 5 min 5 min


Using the !weapon redeem, you can queue up a weapon of your choice (or random) for me to have to use! Use the format !weapon (filter). Each weapon redeem lasts for 7 matches.

!weapon Splat Dualies - specify the exact weapon you want
!weapon any - roll a completely random weapon
!weapon any dualies - roll a random weapon that is "tagged" as dualies

For weapon tags, you can go by the sub-weapon, the special weapon, or a group you think the weapon might fall into. Some example weapon groups are "kensa", "dualies", "n-zap", or "brella". If you try using a weapon tag you think might exist and the bot comes back with nothing, let me know and I will look into adding the tag! All weapons should be available for redeeming except for the Gold/Hero replicas.

Please let me know if something seems to be missing or broken! I'm still pretty new to Splatoon, so I'm trusting y'all if there's any changes that need made.

During Weapon Weekend
your first weapon redeem will be free, weapons can be redeemed every minute, and further redeems will only cost 1,000 tea cookies.