Command Desc
!audio Refreshes the capture card audio. Use this if the audio cuts out!
!bot Information about what Petrichorsbot runs on (Streamer Bot).
!clip Create a clip of what just happened in stream!
!commands Get a link to the list of the commands (you're already here!)
!discord Get the invite link to our Discord server - https://discord.gg/mMx2AFqFXZ
!fc Request my Switch friend code so that you can join in on viewer games.
!hlm Get my current Salmon Run Profresh score! How close am I to Hazard Level Max?
!mods The link to a mod list for the game I'm currently playing.
!song, !music The title and source of the song currently playing on stream.
!spoiler Remind chat to not spoil games, please and thank you! You only get one opportunity to play a game knowing nothing about it.
!tower Put your booty on the tower!
!ww Get information about Weapon Weekend (if one is currently going on).
!cookies Check how many tea cookies you currently have.
!redeems Information about redeeming your tea cookies can be found at the Stream Redeemables page.